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Traditional Rope Stanchions from Queue Solutions Classic Stanchions and Ropes from Tensator

When you have many customers or guests visiting your establishment, it is at times necessary to create barriers in order to help efficiently move along the flow of foot traffic. For everything from events to attractions to amusement parks, creating lines to direct people is an effective way to control large crowds and ensure that every one of your guests has a positive experience. Stanchions and ropes go a long way toward assisting in crowd control and they also add to the overall ambiance of the venue. Stanchions are necessary in venues and buildings across a variety of industries, and their simple design and portability make them the best way to solve crowd control needs.


Independent retail stores and jewelers can benefit from using rope stanchions at checkout and in product displays. In addition to roping off restricted areas and “employee only” locations in a store, stanchion ropes designate where people can line up at the cash register. This creates an orderly flow and can ultimately help stores process more transactions and get more business.


Event management companies rely on stanchions and ropes to control large crowds at baseball, football, soccer, and basketball games. Stanchions are not only used at the ticket office, they are also deployed to help fans progress through security checkpoints and find their seats. Rather than creating a “free-for-all” scenario, stanchions are used to keep lines contained in order to move people quickly through various areas.

Museums and Libraries

Museums and libraries may not be the first venues that come to mind when you think about crowd control. However, high-value items that are on display need to at be protected from the public. Antique art collections, masterpieces and sculptures in a gallery or museum should only be handled by experts for necessary maintenance in order to maintain the integrity and value of each piece.

Types of Stanchions

In order to integrate rope stanchions effectively, organizations and businesses need to find solutions that meet their needs for design and security. Luckily, there are a number of different types of stanchions available for any application.

  • Classic – Classic metal stanchions have flat tops and a flat base and are easily maneuvered to fit any setup.
  • Contemporary – A more contemporary look uses a domed base with a seamless build to enhance visual appeal.
  • Safety – Safety stanchions stand out by coming in colors that increase visibility and are perfect for construction applications.

Stanchion ropes can also be interchanged to meet the requirements of the day. For example, chain links can be used as a durable outdoor option while you may want to use a velour rope to enclose a VIP walkway. In addition to these, you can use a vinyl, hemp, or twisted plastic rope between stanchions to get the job done depending on how you want the space to look. No matter what your needs are, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you shop for stanchions at The Crowd Controller.