Crowd Controller

In the event management business, optimizing venue space and increasing the flow of foot traffic is essential for maintaining order and keeping guests happy. The Crowd Controller specializes in providing clients with crowd control products made by leading manufacturers in the United States. Based in Florida, The Crowd Controller works directly with customers to ensure that all needs are met throughout the process. While most people associate crowd control stanchions with waiting in line to make a purchase, these tools can be employed in a variety of situations that call for large crowd or customer management.

Types of Crowd Control Barriers Available

If you are in need of crowd control barricades or stanchions to help manage people, The Crowd Controller has exactly what you need. As an authorized distributor of top manufacturers, The Crowd Controller has a wide range of full-featured quality stanchions at the lowest prices guaranteed.

  • Tensabarrier Retractable Stanchions Tensabarrier posts and belts are known around the world for quality and efficiency and feature retractable belts that can be easily used to section off areas of your location. Due to their adaptability, these crowd control systems can be quickly moved and set up based on the unique needs of the day.
  • Traditional Rope Stanchions Traditional Rope Stanchions can serve when situations requires more of a classic style approach. Red carpet events for example, could not even exist without the Classic Traditional Red Velour Ropes and Stanchions. These stanchions can also be suited in many more different applications and events such as VIP entrances, museums and galleries, car shows and so on.
  • Wall-Mounted Barriers Wall-mounted options maximize your space and make your queue easy to navigate for your guests.
  • Plastic Posts and Chains Plastic stanchions are great for those in need of a quick solution, or in an application where indoor and outdoor use is necessary.
  • Outdoor Utility Utility companies that need to block off projects from traffic and pedestrians can find the same quality and durability needed by using Tensabarrier stanchions made for outdoor use.

Applications and Benefits

Tensabarriers and other crowd control systems are being used everywhere from concerts to sporting events to checkout lines in gift shops. Any time your business needs to control the flow of traffic, you will be able to use these crowd control products to get the job done. No matter where you need to use crowd control ropes and stanchions, The Crowd Controller has the barricades for you. Your crowd control management effort gets a tremendous boost by using these types of stanchions for a number of reasons.

  • Durability Tensabarrier stanchions are made of high quality materials that can be used over and over in all of your applications.
  • Portability Need to block off an area that has wet paint to protect people walking by? Quickly move your stanchions from one place to another and complete the setup in minutes.
  • Adaptability Retractable belt stanchions come in multiple lengths, and you can place posts in any configuration you need depending on your requirements.
  • Affordability The Crowd Controller offers the lowest prices guaranteed. You pay for only the stanchions that you need for your organization and can order more as your workspace expands.